Sunday School

wooden cross and the words Sunday School

Come join us for our 2022-2023 Sunday School Year from 9/18/22 to 6/11/23

What is Sunday School? This may seem like a silly or self-explanatory question, but we have all wondered it at some point or another. Sunday school is a time when we can fellowship with people who have something in common with us. For the youngest disciples (children), it’s divided by age group. For adults there may be age groups, or there may be classes focused towards different walks and stages of faith, tending to multiple points of interest.

Why is Sunday School so important? We are disciples. But what are disciples?

Disciples are learners, students, and in the Christian faith people committed to live and act more like Jesus. Their job is to gather together and strengthen one another in life; to deepen each other’s faith. People were made for relationship with one another and for relationship with God from the very beginning. That is why God created both male and female, so that human would not be alone. It is why God fights so hard to save us from sin, so we can once again be in relationship with Him. We are students who need direction, guidance, and close friends.


Sunday school classes offered: “Wednesday School” Adult Class (Gallery/Lobby): Starts 9/14/22

  • New Study! This We Believe by Tim Tennant With Stacy Taylor
  • A Study on the Apostle’s Creed

Pre-school through Grade 2 With Maddie Post and Hialeah Johnson

  • Faith Foundations: teaching these youngest disciples that God made everything – even them and loves them, He is both our father and friend, as well as the life and work of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Grades 3-5 With Howie Wheeler and Jim Rambusky

  • Coordinating with weekly Sunday Sermons to give these children a better understanding of what they are learning and hearing when they are a part of the adult service.

Grades 6-8 With Becky Cable

  • Using the “ABC” curriculum *description to come*

Grades 9-12 With Curtis and Meghan Reynolds

  • This study will start with the “Blueprint” material: a guide to help teens navigate their identity, importance, and role in life as Christians.

Adult Class (Library – 213): Women’s Ministry Study by Chip Ingram With Marge Vollmer

  • *description to come*

Adult Class (B-1): HUGS: Parables of Jesus With George Anderson

  • *description to come*

Adult Class (Conference Room – 107): topic TBD With Cindy and Dennis Furlow

  • *description to come*

Young Adult Class (TBD): A Wesleyan Study With Andrew Post

  • *description to come*

*Jon Cable’s Adult Class is “on pause” until further notice

Stay Tuned!! “Family Sundays” to come – join us outside or in the Community room for a Sunday School service for all of our church family 9/11/22, 11/20/22, 2/12/23, 4/16/23, 6/18/23

Peace and Blessings,
Maddie Post
Kid’s Ministry Director
Panama UMC